About Us




After living a life full of challenging emotional experiences I've decided to completely dedicate myself to sharing the benefits of Meditation, Reiki and other healing techniques and concepts with persons who are looking for a change or searching their own path.

Since I was a child, I was interested in helping people by listening and trying to find a way to comfort them. It wasn't until 2004 when through the practice of Reiki & Meditation, that I realized these were the techniques I was looking for to support people and to grow myself.

Reiki & Meditation are perfect techniques to achieve self-development. Starting as a hobby that I shared with friends and family it evolved, after many years of practice. I realized that such kind of activities complement our daily lives and help us to live in balance and ease with ourselves and others, and they need to be shared with everyone who is open to listen. I am a big Disney fan and I live my life by following Walt Disney's motto "If you can dream it…You can Do it". If you dream of a change, be part of it and create a new version of yourself.

Re-love you!




 A Magical Butterfly studio brings the opportunity to enjoy a special moment through the practice of different classes, therapies or workshops to achive balance in life. Our purpose is to be your source of love, the place where you learn how to take care of yourself!


Instructors and therapists will find a place to share their practice in a peaceful environement


Clients will find inner development and relaxation



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