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My Story

I was born and raised in Mexico City.

And during the first 10 years of my professional life, I worked in the Marketing field for International companies.

But, in 2004, during a moment of deep personal changes, Meditation and Reiki came into my path as a great support during a challenging period. Some of the benefits that I experienced through  my daily practice were self-relaxation and inner growth. Also I learnt how to heal the wounds that kept me away from appreciating life with compassion towards myself and my world. I pursued the studies of these techniques (among others) to share with people seeking for a ew way of enjoying their life.

Flying directly from Mexico City to Luxembourg in 2009, I started a new life in a brand new culture where I actually give private sessions, classes and workshops based on Reiki, Thetahealing & Meditation in Spanish, English and French.

I am a wife, a mother of two amazing kids. I love to sing, to travel, to have nice chats with a glass of wine (or 2). Tacos and tequila are my pleasure and I am a very big Disney fan!!!!

Why Me?

15 years of experience as a Reiki and Meditation practitioner.

Fully dedicated to teach and give alternative therapies since 2015.

Always looking for new ways of self-Improvement through my daily practice (or new healing techniques) to become a better version of myself when I teach or treat.

I adapt myself to your needs:

  • Deep transformation and self-acceptance
  • Support during challenging situations
  • Quiet moment to relax yourself
  • Bring spirituality into daily life activities

I am open to meet you in one to one session (private or online) in groups or in corporate programs.

Each session is an exchange where I can learn from you and I believe this is the only way to continue evolving as a person, a teacher and a soul.

  • Spanish Alliance of Reiki (all levels)
  • The Reconnection by Eric Pearl (Healing sessions and Reconnection)
  • Thetahealing by Vianna Stival (DNA level)

For sanitary reasons, reiki services are currently suspended until further notice